Top Akron Computer Repair Companies

Certified Nerds LLC
We offer high quality in-home & drop-off Computer Repair services, in a timely manner, utmost integrity, and very competitive prices. We guarantee all of our work. We are just a bunch of nerds that were sick of watching corporate companies saturate the media with advertising and charge close to twice what they should be for PC repair.
Location : Akron, OH
Phone : 330-598-1091

Advanced Computer Services Inc.
ACS boasts the best computer service center in Northeast Ohio. When it comes to critical computer repair, the area's finest service staff is what you need. Whether you come to us, or we come to you, you are assured of a competent, efficient and cost-effective repair when you need it.
Location : Akron, OH
Phone : 330-785-5200

Computer City
If your computer is slow, then it is usually an indication of Spywares, Computer Virus and Trojen Horses. These are not only irretable and frustrating but also the security threat to your personal and private Information. At Computer City your computer will go through atleast seven point check system to make sure that your computer is completely clean and protected.
Location : Akron, OH
Phone : 330-865-8800

Mr. CyberHead LLC.
Mr. CyberHead offers practical solutions for all your computer needs. Whether you are a business in need of tech support or experiencing problems with your home computer, Mr. CyberHead can do it. Our Experienced Repair Technicians can solve any computer problem you encounter, from random errors to full system crashes.
Location : Akron, OH
Phone : 330.630.3323

LEK Internet Services
LEK can also help you with your computer repair issues. We can troubleshoot and fix all hardware and software problems on any PC or Mac. Anything we canít fix only costs you $25.
Location : Akron, OH
Phone : 330.762.2040