Top Alexandria Computer Repair Companies

onCALL 25/8
We are tech superheroes with an understanding for just how important your technology is. We are friendly and up to the task of helping you with your technology problems. We handle service across the world with our new mail-in application. We’re currently working with a few different companies to expand our service areas and become the ‘netflix of computer repair.’
Location : Alexandria, VA
Phone : 703.250.2580

Computer Helpers
Computer Helpers, Inc. has been in business for over 15 years serving the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our unique service approach has built a solid reputation for network and computer support services. We have clients from all professions and industries.
Location : Alexandria, VA
Phone : 703.836.1753

Techs In Cars
Techs In Cars delivers certified computer techs to your door. We fix both PC and MAC Computers. Whether you work for yourself, or in a small office, or need technical assistance at home, we deliver fast, certified computer techs to you.
Location : Alexandria, VA
Phone : 703-587-3330

Flat Rate Computer Solutions
We are the Flat Rate Computer Service and Repair specialists focused entirely on consumers and small businesses in the Washington DC Metro Area. In these recessionary times, consumers and small business owners need an affordable computer repair option. Affordable computer repair doesn’t mean low quality.
Location : Alexandria, VA
Phone : 703 829-7716

Geek ABC
Geek ABC technicians are experienced in repairing both PC and Mac computers, upgrading and replacing memory, operating systems, hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, software and processors as well as many other computer peripherals. Our computer repair geeks also specialize in these other computer services: data backup, data transfer, data recovery, computer repair, laptop repair, etc
Location : Alexandria, VA
Phone : (703) 838-5461