Top Grand Rapids Computer Repair Companies

Derek's Computer
Your choice for affordable and fast computer repair. I have 10 years of experience in laptop computer repair / upgrades. I also service and repair desktop personal computers (PC).
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 364-6373

K Group Companies
For years, we've been helping West Michigan-area individuals and small businesses with all kinds of computer issues. We can help you set up your network, internet and email, troubleshoot your software, or provide powerful virus and spyware protection. But we don’t stop there - you name it, we do it. Tech Time can help with... * On-Site Troubleshooting * Home-User Pricing * Finding the Right Computer to Buy * PC & Printer Repair * Wireless Networking * Virus & Spam Protection * Improving PC Performance * File & Folder Organization * Outlook/Email Setup * Surge Protection and File Backups * Much More!
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 235-6860

GRCO Computer Solutions
We lead the area in repair of laptops, desktops, servers, and workstations. GR Computer Solutions can work with you to ensure your technological workforce is in top working order. We can provide turnkey solutions for your business network. Sales and installation of all models of desktop, laptop, server, printer, external and internal devices. Whatever the need we can help with purchasing and installation.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 242-6250

At Your Door Computer Solutions
We are a greater Grand Rapids, Michigan company who are dedicated to serve the West Michigan area with Integrity, Trust, and Value in the Onsite Computer Repair Field. At Your Door Computer Solutions offers Onsite repair services, so you don't have to bring your computer in! We offer on-site repair at lower costs comparable to many other computer stores around the area. This means you can have one of our technicians come to you instead of un-plugging everything and bring your system in, which is a nice convenience. At Your Door Computer Solutions is a locally owned small business that looks forward to helping people that need solutions to their computer and networking woes. We can provide 24 hour emergency service.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 915-8159

ProTech Computer Service
ProTech Computer Service provides complete computer services for both the home computer user and the commercial business in the Grand Rapids area. Specializing in professional technical computer support from spyware and virus removal to computer upgrades as well as web design and web hosting services.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 240-6645