Top Indianapolis Computer Repair Companies

The TechStop
The TechStop is a new, easy way to get fast, convenient, state-of-the-art computer service. Unlike computer retail stores that hire a few 'geeks' as a side business to repair computers, The TechStop does nothing but service computers. Our sophisticated Computer Repair Center employs highly experienced computer technicians to provide comprehensive, expedited services that get you and your computer on track in very little time.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 968-9999

Indy IT Pro
Indy IT Pro, your one-stop-shop for IT services in the Indianapolis area. With over nine years in the industry providing IT services to home and small business users, I have the solutions you need, at prices you can afford. Services include Computer Repair, Computer Networking, Network Cabling, Equipment Installation, Web Page Design, Data Recovery for Hard Drive Crashes, Custom Built Computers (3 year warranty available), Tape Video Conversion to DVD, and much more!
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 410-6639

Gavins, PC Sales & Service
We are a family owned business. We opened our store in 2002. We believe in doing good work for a reasonable price. We build and repair computers. We provide a full line of computer products.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 782-4536

Computer Housecalls Inc.
We are a privately-owned business consisting of a small group of professionals. We are part of America's new business climate, namely, the self-employed. We have an abundance of experience, are extremely dedicated, and want to make a difference. We want to help people to get more acquainted with their PC, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. You can benefit by having our wide range of experience at your fingertips. We consult with professionals, we have resources and we stay current. We bill at below-market rates because our overhead is small, we want you to tell others about us, we want your business and because we're good. Our mission is to provide quality, timely and personal service.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 388-1989

Indiana Computer Enterprises
Indiana Computer Enterprises offers a vast arrray of Business support services and plans! I.C.E. is a genuine Microsoft Partner and a "Complaint Free" member of the Better Business Bureau. We offer in house or onsite service and repair of desktops, servers, laptops and printers.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 299-3314