Top Knoxville Computer Repair Companies

Computer Depot
No other computer repair shop in the area makes this guarantee. Most computer repairs are completed within 24 hours of dropping your computer off at any of our stores. Priority Service is available for many repairs at a small charge when time is truly of the essence.
Location : Knoxville, TN
Phone : 865.692.4247

Advanced Computers
From simple operating system issues to complex virus removal; DC jack repair to motherboard replacement & screen replacement. We are here to help and provide the highest quality service and the lowest price in computer repair. Most repairs are completed same day.
Location : Knoxville, TN
Phone : 865-851-9197

Instant repairs are the way of ComputerWorks. Why go to a place where you can't watch the repair or they have to send your computer somewhere else to be fixed by a certified technician. ComputerWorks has been fixing computers the same day right in the store for 12 years.
Location : Knoxville, TN
Phone : (865) 688-3122

Here are some common items we take care of for clients: Printer installation and sharing, Malware, Spyware, Scareware and other Rogue Applications, Network Security for Wired/Wireless LAN, File Sharing and Security, Email account creation and client configuration, Quickbooks multi-user installation and Computer Optimization, with or without hardware upgrades.
Location : Knoxville, TN
Phone : 865.406.4015

Vic Young
Specializing in home and small business computer and network maintenance, repair and upgrades. If you have a malfunctioning computer with the Windows Operating System, I can repair it - or there is no charge to you! I will also gladly perform the preventive maintenance needed to keep your computer running at full speed and protected from malicious software.
Location : Knoxville, TN
Phone : (865) 773-9450