Top Nashville Computer Repair Companies

PCdude is here to help you in the following: Slow computer, lockups or blue screen of death, Slow or dropped internet, network, or wireless connections, Virus, spyware, or rootkit activity, Afraid your data is lost or losing your data, Broken screen, keyboard, or DC jack repair on your laptop and Your computer just won't boot or power on.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : 866-972-3833

Computer Peripheral Repair
We repair and service the desktop and laptop computers listed below in our convenient Nashville location. We can also work remotely on your computer so you donít have to leave your home or office. We offer custom built desktops and laptops and we service both new and used computers and laptops.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 244-3838

Micom Systems
Micom Systems services all types of computer equipment including desktops, laptops, apple, tablets, phones, printers, servers, networking equipment and peripherals. Popular repairs include virus and spyware removals, memory and performance upgrades, laptop and tablet screen repairs, laptop notebook DC jack repairs with replacement AC adapters. We also specialize in secure data backup and recovery using our industry leading techniques.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615)-356-3884

Advanced Computer Diagnostics
Services includes: Computer Repair, Apple, Mac repair, Virus and spyware removal, Wireless Networks with PC's and Apple, PC Cleaning and Optimization, Speeds up your PC, Data backup, hardware and software troubleshooting and installations, Installing and configuring Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7, Installing and configuring Microsoft Office Suites, Installing and configuring Apple computers and software, etc.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : 615.293.1687

Our Services Includes: In-Home or Office Service or Repairs at No Additional Cost, Desktop or Laptop Service and Repair, In-Shop Computer Service and Repair, Wireless or Wired Internet and Networking, Spyware / Virus Protection and Removal, Hardware and Software Installation and Repair, DC Jack and LCD Repair, Data Recovery, And much much more.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 972-6829