Top Oceanside Computer Repair Companies

PC Repair Center
Every IT Department needs an extra hand once in a while. PC Repair Center can help you cover your bases and meet pressing deadlines and challenges. We offer a variety of services designed to find out the cause of your computer issues and to provide solutions.
Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : (760) 722-9986

Zippy-Laptop s & Oceanside Laptop Repair makes laptop, desktop, Ipad, Apple and Windows repair easy, predictable and affordable. We offer free estimates. All our repairs have a 90-day warranty on both labor and parts.
Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : (760) 433-9300

One of the skills trained by Tryplex to our technicians before they become Tryplex certified is multitasking correctly and accurately. Our technicians can perform multiple tasks at one time while accurate and professionally repairing all of your issues. This ability allows for an expedient resolution when there are multiple issues at hand.
Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : (760) 724-2711

Your Perfect PC
As a familiar service provider for most PC brands, we can efficiently and professionally hand almost any computer-related repair need. We are established and seasoned in technology with years of technical training, hands-on experience, satisfied clients, and a proven track record of successfully completing technology projects on schedule.
Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : (760) 298 4345

Computer Bears
As an experienced service provider for most major brands we can efficiently and professionally handle almost any computer-related repair need. Computer Bears I.T. Service can troubleshoot and fix just about anything in your computer or laptop and it won't cost you and arm and a leg.
Location : Oceanside, CA
Phone : 760-933-8712