Top Omaha Computer Repair Companies

Computer Repair Omaha
Are you having computer problems? Our experts at computer repair omaha can help you get your computer working like new. Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 403-1815

Trisec Computer
Trisec Computer has over 10 years of experience in factory authorized service and repair of all makes and models of computers. Our staff has a cumulative experience of over 100 years. We have the expertise and experience to get your computer up & running and back in your hands quickly and efficiently.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 333-2600

Omaha Computer
On-Site Computer Repair & Troubleshooting, Virus/Spyware/Pop-Up Removal, Computer Training, Hardware / Software Installation, Data Back-Up, Transfer, & Recovery And Much More, Call Us With Your Problem.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 206-2390

PC Plus Omaha
PC Plus Omaha computer repair offers a wide variety of computer services, from troubleshooting and upgrades, to personalized instruction, all in the convenience of your home or small business! All of our computer services are fast, reliable and guaranteed. PC Plus prides ourselves with the best service and the most reasonable prices in Omaha. Plus, we will come to your home or office at no extra charge on any computer repair.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 699-8720

Chips Computer Repair
On-Site Computer Repair & Troubleshooting/ Virus/Spyware/Pop-Up Removal/ Computer Training/ Hardware / Software Installation/Data Back-Up/ Configuring Routers/ And Much More.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 598-2032

Quick Connect Computer Services
Quick Connect Computer Services is a full service computer repair solution in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. We can repair your computer, upgrade your PC, and even restore a sluggish PC to it original factory like condition. We also help customers with the growing threats of viruses, spyware, and security. We can help meet your needs with both our on-site and carry-in services.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 384-2828